Sewage Treatment Plants: Domestic Waste Solutions, from Small to Large

When it comes to taming domestic waste, we've got the lowdown on sewage treatment plants that handle everything from your bathroom to entire communities:

1. Black Water Treatment: This is the serious stuff – the waste from your toilets. We collect it and put it through a series of steps, including settling, biological treatment, and filtration, to remove the yucky stuff and make it safe for the environment.

2. Grey Water Treatment: Don't worry, we're not ignoring your shower and kitchen sink. Grey water, which comes from these sources, gets a similar treatment, but with a lighter touch since it's not as dirty.

3. Packaged Treatment Plants: For smaller volumes like homes and smaller buildings, we've got compact solutions. Our packaged treatment plants use clever technology to handle your waste efficiently without taking up too much space.

4. Civil-Type Plants: When it's time to handle larger volumes, we bring in the big guns. Civil-type plants are like the superheroes of sewage treatment. They're designed to manage waste from entire neighbourhoods or communities, ensuring everything stays clean and safe.

5. Biological Magic: One of our secret weapons is biology. We use friendly bacteria to munch away at the waste, breaking it down into harmless substances. It's like a natural recycling party!

6. Filtration and Disinfection: We're all about making sure the water that leaves the treatment plant is A-grade. So, we filter it through various layers and add a touch of disinfection to make sure it's squeaky clean.

7. Sustainability: Oh, and we're not just about cleaning waste – we're also about being green. Our plants are designed to use energy wisely and minimize the impact on the environment.

8. Customized Solutions: Whether you're a cozy home or a bustling community, we've got solutions that fit just right. Our goal is to make sure your waste is managed efficiently, no matter the scale.

So, from small-scale grey water treatment to handling the big job of black water for entire communities, our sewage treatment plants are like waste-wizards, turning the icky stuff into eco-friendly solutions.

Cutting-Edge Products and Versatile Applications

Our Products

Package DM Plants

Package Sewage Treatment Plant

Efficiently treat sewage with our compact and versatile package sewage treatment plants, ideal for various applications.
DM Plants

Custom Sewage Treatment Plant

Tailor sewage treatment solutions to match specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance for your unique needs.
Softening Plant

MBBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

Leverage Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology for efficient organic matter degradation and nutrient removal.
Mixed Bed Systems

Anoxic Based Sewage Treatment Plant

Utilize anoxic treatment processes to remove nitrogen and enhance overall treatment efficiency.
DM Plants

SBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

Employ Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) technology for efficient and flexible sewage treatment.

Sullage treatment plant

Treat sullage efficiently, ensuring responsible wastewater management in various settings.
Electrodeionization (EDI)

Membrane Bio Reactor Plant

Harness advanced MBR technology for effective sewage treatment, producing high-quality effluent.
Ions Removal System

Screens - Manual and Automatic

Utilize screens to remove solids and debris, maintaining optimal treatment processes.
DM Plants

Floating Oil Skimmer

Address oil and grease contaminants with our innovative floating oil skimmers, ensuring cleaner water.


Process Water Requirements


Effectively treat industrial wastewater, meeting environmental standards and promoting sustainability.


Provide reliable sewage treatment for educational and healthcare institutions, ensuring a hygienic environment.

Housing colonies

Ensure responsible sewage management in residential areas, contributing to community well-being.

Commercial complexes

Cater to sewage treatment needs of commercial spaces, promoting cleanliness and environmental responsibility.


Maintain a clean and safe environment by treating sewage efficiently in bustling mall complexes.

Resorts & Hotels

Elevate guest experiences by implementing effective sewage treatment for a pristine and appealing environment.


Ensure safe and hygienic sewage treatment in healthcare facilities, safeguarding public health.

Commercial residence

Address sewage treatment needs of commercial residential buildings, fostering a healthy living environment.