Transforming Industries with Comprehensive Industrial Automation Solutions

Welcome to Nivo Solutions and Technology, your partner in driving efficiency and innovation across a wide spectrum of industrial applications. Our commitment to excellence fuels our range of industrial automation products and services designed to elevate your operations, enhance productivity, and ensure seamless performance.

Our Robust Product Range:

  • MCC Panels (Motor Control Center): Experience enhanced motor control and protection with our MCC panels, tailored to optimize processes in diverse industrial sectors.
  • PLC Panels (Programmable Logic Controller): Elevate your automation capabilities with our PLC panels, providing real-time control and monitoring for precise operations.
  • PCC Panels (Power Control Center): Ensure reliable power distribution and management with our PCC panels, customized to meet your industrial demands.
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): Gain complete process visibility and remote monitoring with our SCADA systems, vital for various industrial applications.
  • VFD Panels (Variable Frequency Drive): Optimize energy consumption and motor control precision with our VFD panels, essential for efficient operations.
  • AC-DC Panels: Seamlessly convert and distribute power using our AC-DC panels, ideal for industries with varying power requirements.
  • Temperature Control Panels: Maintain optimal process temperatures with our control panels, critical for industries with specific thermal needs.
  • Instrumentation Services: Rely on our expertise for accurate measurement and control through our instrumentation services, ensuring operational precision.
  • Junction Boxes: Secure your connections with our versatile junction boxes, serving as the backbone of your industrial infrastructure.

Cutting-Edge Products and Versatile Applications

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Instrumentation services


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Manufacturing Excellence

Streamline production processes, reduce downtime, and achieve consistent quality in manufacturing operations.
Energy Management

Energy Management

Optimize energy consumption, monitor usage patterns, and contribute to sustainable practices for a greener future.
Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

Ensure safe and efficient chemical production through precise control, accurate monitoring, and regulatory compliance.
Power Generation and Distribution:

Power Generation and Distribution:

Manage power generation, distribution, and consumption seamlessly, ensuring reliability and stability in critical power industry operations.
Supply of Operational Chemicals

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences:

Maintain stringent quality standards, traceability, and accuracy throughout pharmaceutical and life sciences processes.

Automotive Manufacturing:

Enhance precision, flexibility, and efficiency on the automotive assembly line, driving innovation and reducing time-to-market.
Beverages & Breweries

Food and Beverage Production:

Ensure hygienic and efficient food processing, meeting industry regulations while maintaining product integrity.

Water and Wastewater Management:

Automate water treatment processes, monitor water quality, and ensure efficient wastewater management.
Custom Solutions

Building Automation:

Create intelligent and energy-efficient building systems for enhanced comfort, security, and sustainability.

Renewable Energy

Optimize operations of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, contributing to a cleaner energy landscape.

Aerospace and Defense

Enhance precision manufacturing and complex assembly processes, ensuring safety and quality in aerospace applications.

Metal and Mining

Improve operational efficiency, safety, and resource utilization in metal and mining industries.

"From manufacturing floors to power plants, laboratories to assembly lines, Nivo Solutions & Technology empowers industries to excel in their unique domains. Contact us today to explore how our tailored industrial automation solutions can elevate your specific application area and drive your success forward."