Filtration Solutions: Enhancing Water Purity and Quality

Our Products


Pressure Sand Filter

Employ pressure sand filters to effectively remove suspended particles and turbidity from water.

Activated Carbon Filter

Harness the power of activated carbon to remove organic compounds, color, odor, and residual chlorine.

Iron Removal Filter

Address high iron content in water, ensuring clean and safe water by eliminating unwanted iron particles.
Mixed Bed Systems

Fluoride Removal Filter

Safeguard water quality by reducing fluoride levels, adhering to regulatory standards and promoting health.
DM Plants

Arsenic Removal Filter

Utilize specialized filters to efficiently remove arsenic, ensuring water safety and health.

Gravity Filter

Employ gravity-driven filtration for efficient removal of impurities and contaminants.
Electrodeionization (EDI)

Side Stream Filter

Optimize water treatment by utilizing side stream filters for targeted removal of specific contaminants.


Boiler Feed

Turbidity Removal

Achieve crystal-clear water by effectively removing suspended particles and turbidity.
Beverages & Breweries

Suspended Solids Removal

Precisely target and eliminate suspended solids, improving water quality.

Iron Removal

Address high iron levels, preventing staining and maintaining water clarity.

Fluoride Removal

Reduce fluoride content, ensuring water safety and preventing health issues.
Electrodeionization (EDI)

Arsenic Removal

Safeguard against arsenic contamination, promoting safe water consumption.

Physical Impurity Removal

Efficiently remove physical impurities for enhanced water purity.

Color and Odor Removal

Eliminate color and odor, enhancing the overall appeal of treated water.

Pretreatment to RO and UF

Prepare water for further treatment processes, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Organic Reduction

Effectively reduce organic compounds, enhancing water quality and safety.