Filtration (membrane based) and Disinfection

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Micron Filtration

Achieve effective removal of larger particles and sediments from water, ensuring clarity and improved quality.

Ultrafiltration (UF)

Employ UF for finer particle removal, safeguarding water against contaminants that affect taste and safety.

Nanofiltration (NF)

Utilize NF for selective removal of ions, providing softened and improved-tasting water.
Mixed Bed Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Purify water through RO, removing dissolved solids, contaminants, and salts for a wide array of applications.
DM Plants

Electrodialysis Reversal Desalination (EDR)

Embrace EDR for desalination, effectively removing salts and minerals from water, ideal for municipal and industrial use.


Harness the power of ozone for water disinfection, effectively eliminating microbes and enhancing potable water safety.
Electrodeionization (EDI)

Ultraviolet (UV) Treatment

Employ UV for chemical-free disinfection, targeting microorganisms and pathogens for potable water and industrial processes.


Boiler Feed

Potable Water

Ensure safe and clean drinking water for residential, institutional, and municipal needs.
Beverages & Breweries

Package Drinking Water

Deliver high-quality packaged drinking water, meeting stringent safety standards.

Colloidal Silica Removal

Precisely target and remove colloidal silica for enhanced water clarity and quality.

Reactive Silica Removal

Address reactive silica to prevent scaling and optimize water quality.
Electrodeionization (EDI)

Municipal Water Supply

Cater to large-scale water supply needs, ensuring consistent quality for communities.

Industrial Process Requirements

Meet unique water quality demands of industrial operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Institutional and Residential

Provide reliable water treatment solutions for institutions and homes, promoting health and safety.