What is Biopipe? Where it can be used?
Biopipe is a domestic wastewater and water recycling system. Biopipe’s system consists of a tank and pipe modules. Biopipe’s treated wastewater is available to be reused which reduces water cost. Biopipe is a modular system that can be used in every type of domestic wastewater generated, from residential and commercial buildings to large scale community sewage treatment plants.

Why choose Biopipe

A) Eco Friendly

Unlike other traditional wastewater systems Biopipe produces NO SLUDGE, NO ODOUR, NO SOUND AND NO WASTE.
NO CHEMICALS are required to operate the Biopipe biological wastewater treatment system.

B) Scalable with a flexible modular design

Biopipe can treat wastewater generated by a single house of two people to a small city - just as efficiently.
Unlike other systems, which require a starting operational capacity of 80%, Biopipe can operate at only 10% capacity.
Biopipe is a simple Lego-like modular construction. The size of the modules is based on the requirements of each project and can be assembled contiguously or consecutively in a short time span.
The system is compact, easy to transport, install and operate.

C) Cost efficient

Biopipe brings energy consumption to a minimum because it stores wastewater in a horizontal position that better distributes water pressure and requires less energy when compared to other systems which use vertical tanks.
No blowers involved for air intake, which reduces energy consumption.
Unlike other wastewater treatment systems, Biopipe only uses specially made PVC pipes and is not made of different hardware and materials, which result in higher costs.
Biopipe doesn't need a lot of space and can be easily installed in a basement, on an elevated structure or on a rooftop which saves the cost of land/real estate.

D) Fully automated

Biopipe is fully automated and can be remotely monitored and controlled.

E) Sustainable

Biopipe will operate efficiently for the life of the plant with proper maintenance