About us

Securing Nature's Legacy Taking Action Today for Generations Tomorrow

Over 20 Years of Engineering Expertise: Introducing M/s NIVO Solutions and Technology

Incorporated in 2011, M/s NIVO Solutions and Technology emerged as a prominent service provider in the field of consultancy. With a rich background spanning more than two decades in engineering, our commitment to excellence drives us forward.

At NIVO Solutions and Technology, we embody the ethos of 'GIVE A LEGACY TO NATURE,' a guiding principle that fuels our passion for environmental preservation and sustainable practices.

Our core focus lies in offering comprehensive solutions across a diverse spectrum of water and wastewater treatment segments. Through a combination of expertise and innovation, we provide holistic approaches to address complex challenges.

As a dedicated service provider, we are devoted to creating a positive impact, not only through our technical proficiency but also by leaving a lasting legacy for the betterment of our natural world.

Welcome to M/s NIVO Solutions and Technology, where engineering meets environmental stewardship, and a brighter future for nature is our shared commitment.